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In urban environments, such as the greater San Francisco area, pedestrians are common on the local streets. Even after driving to a location, most of us wind up becoming pedestrians as we walk to the store, restaurant, office building, or other establishments we intend to visit. Unfortunately, this leaves us open to the possibility of being struck by inattentive or negligent drivers with whom we share the environment. These accidents are notoriously dangerous to those on foot due to the lack of body protection and the impact that such a collision can have in terms of injury and even death. 

At A. Davies Personal Injury Law, I have concentrated my legal practice exclusively on representing individuals who have suffered injuries due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others. I am here to offer you the advice and guidance you need after such a traumatic event as a pedestrian accident in seeking compensation that reflects the full damages and losses you have sustained. 

I can take all necessary legal steps in the personal injury claims process from gathering necessary evidence in supporting your claim to aggressively negotiating for a fair settlement or taking your case to trial should that be necessary.

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Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries

According to the National Safety Council, 17 percent of all traffic deaths in 2020 were those of pedestrians. In 83 percent of single-vehicle pedestrian accident deaths, the pedestrian was struck by the front of the vehicle. The Governors Highway Safety Administration has reported that approximately 7,485 pedestrians were killed by motorists in 2021 which was the highest number of deaths in one year in four decades.

These accidents can occur in the following ways:

  • Motorists failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians at pedestrian crosswalks
  • Motorists striking pedestrians due to distracted driving, such as texting while driving
  • Motorists speeding and thus being unable to stop in time to avoid hitting pedestrians crossing streets
  • Hit-and-run incidents
  • Pedestrians injured due to defective or lack of traffic signage or signals
  • Pedestrians hit by motorists backing up in parking lots

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Pedestrian Accident Injuries

No two pedestrian accidents are the same which means that your situation needs to be evaluated by an attorney who can advise you on how best to move forward in the wake of your accident and injuries. 

Injuries in pedestrian accidents can be catastrophic due to your vulnerability in these circumstances. They can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Brain injuries
  • Multiple and compound broken bones
  • Internal injuries, including organ damage/failure
  • Loss of limbs
  • Torn ligaments
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal cord injuries

In the most severe cases, injuries can be fatal or lead to permanent disability, such as those involving paralysis, brain dysfunction, blindness, and amputation.

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Your Compensation in a Pedestrian Accident

As in other personal injury cases, you may be eligible to recover compensatory damages for what you have suffered in a pedestrian accident. These can include your past and future medical expenses, lost wages/income due to inability to work, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and any other out-of-pocket expenses. If you have lost a loved one in a negligence-based pedestrian accident, you can file a wrongful death claim. 

Those that may be held liable in these accidents can include at-fault drivers as well as public or governmental agencies that are responsible for road maintenance, sidewalk and crosswalk maintenance, traffic equipment, or other equipment or factors involved that caused or contributed to the accident. 

How a Pedestrian Injury Lawyer in Marin County Can Help

An experienced Marin County pedestrian accident attorney can provide the critical legal assistance that victims need to secure the compensation they deserve. By having the right representation, victims can be sure that their rights will be defended and that all possible avenues of pursuing financial recovery will be explored. Furthermore, an attorney’s knowledge and experience with personal injury cases can help ensure that all necessary steps toward building a strong case for recovery are taken in a timely and effective manner.

Our Marin County pedestrian accident lawyer offers services such as:

  • Investigating the accident scene and gathering evidence from the scene as well as witness testimony
  • Collecting police reports, medical records, and other documentation relevant to your claim
  • Submitting paperwork to insurance companies on your behalf and negotiating a fair settlement
  • Representing you in court proceedings if necessary
  • Seeking punitive damages against those responsible for causing the accident
  • Keeping you up to date on your case status during every stage of the process

After any pedestrian accident, it is essential to seek legal help in successfully proving fault and taking all legal steps needed to help you recover compensation. I will provide the utmost care in these matters from start to finish so that you can focus on your physical recovery and restoring your life. 

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